“One Pro Plumbing is the best 24hours service in Melbourne.”  

Sam Shehzad



Dear Wade (Waheed)

ONE PRO PLUMBING was punctilious in their response to my telephone call and were very timely in their attendance at my apartment.  The plumber was very courteous and polite.  He was able to assess the plumbing problem quickly and accurately. Importantly, in relation to a second job, he assessed the problem as not requiring intervention and provided a solution. So there was no work being done that did not require being done.  He worked as quickly as he could to complete the task, and did the job properly.  He also cleaned up after himself, and even vacuumed the floor. So thank you ONE PRO PLUMBING.

Dr Susette Sowden

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Educational & Developmental Psychologist



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